Welcome to Princeton Public School Online Athletic Registration

Welcome to Princeton Public School Online Athletic Registration

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Do Not Create More Than 1 Family Account For All of Your Children To Register For At Princeton Public Schools

Step 1: Print a blank Physical Form HEREBP, PULSE, & VISION SCREENING RESULTS are required to be written on your Physical Evaluation Forms!!!   Do Not Upload Forms With Blank Sections, Missing Signatures or Missing Physical dates etc. Once you have your physical completed by a doctor you will upload the physical form when you register online.   If you are unable to upload your child's physical forms please bring a hard copy to the Athletic Office at PHS or the JWMS Nurses office for screening to ensure everything is completed correctly.  USB scanning stations are available at both PHS & JWMS.  Our board approved district physician will ask you to resubmit all forms if they are incomplete or not completed correctly.  Emailing physicals to our staff is NOT PERMITTED for reasons of confidentiality.   Once uploaded to your child's athletic registration account the physical is good for 1 year from the date of the physical.   If your physical expires prior to the start date of your season you will need to get a new physical forms uploaded to your child's account so that they can be medically cleared.   CVS and places such as MedExpress offer same day physicals. If you are unable to afford a physical for your child please contact the Director of Athletics at (609) 806-4290.

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Step 2: It is highly recommended that 6th grade athletes who are 12 years old take and pass an ImPACT test for the fall season.  At JWMS all 12 year old athletes starting in the winter season of 2018  through 12th grade are required to have taken and passed an IMPACT Test.  Please understand that 12 year old 7th graders will not be cleared for a winter or spring sport unless they have taken and passed an ImPact Test.  An Impact test result is valid for 2 years.   You can register for an ImPact Test by clicking Here.   To Learn more about ImPACT please click HERE.   Note: If you believe your child will require special accommodations an alternative ImPACT Test will be provided.

Step 3: IMPORTANT* - If you are registering your child for a sport for the first time at our high school or our middle school you will need to create a family account.  In order to do this you will need to know your athlete's student I.D.   You can find out their student identification number by visiting PowerSchool and clicking on the child you want to register for a sport.  Your child's student identification number is located inbetween parenthesis next to their name.  You can click on the icon below to begin online registration.  If your child is coming to Princeton High School from the Cranbury School or Princeton Charter School you will receive an email from the Director of Athletics with this important information.  Please check your spam folders!!  If you need assistance with your child's student ID please contact the main office or registrar.

The Registration Deadline For Spring Sports At PHS Ends On Mon.  Feb. 17, 2020!

The Registration Deadline For Spring Sports At JWMS Is Mon. March 9, 2020!

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Brian Dzbenski -  Director of Athletics & Supervisor of K12 Health & Wellness
Phone: (609) 806-4290